What is EtherThings?

EtherThings represents the pursuit of self-discovery on the blockchain. The collection was created because the developers couldn't find a CryptoPunk that represented themselves. Inspired by a database of human faces, they combined artwork and algorithms to make 10,000 NFTs that express the diversity of human characteristics. EtherThings was originally minted on April 14, 2021, making it the last 10k NFT collection prior to Bored Ape Yacht Club, which was minted on April 22, 2021.

Where can I check out the original human faces database?

Unfortunately, you can’t. The images for the database were gathered from different sources across the public domain images website sources. This work was done entirely manually. It took approximately 15 days to gather around 800 pictures from cultures worldwide. Based on these images, the team and designers started to produce base art, like faces, noses, eyes, and accessories. This database was kept offline and used only between members of the team. Since the rediscovery of the project, we have been trying to recover it. But unfortunately, due to changes in the team’s work server and on their machines (PCs and laptops), we cannot recover the database.

Is this a new project? When was the mint?

No, EtherThings is not a new project. Our collection is one of the first 10k PFP projects. It was minted before BAYC on April 14th, 2021. In January 2022, the project was rediscovered by collectors interested in the earliest NFT PFP collections. Since then, we’ve been working to reshape our community and sell the remaining EtherThings as part of the re-release phase.

Why didn’t the project sell out in 2021 when it was minted?

When EtherThings was launched, the dev team didn’t make marketing a priority.

Are all the EtherThings minted and released?

Yes they are! There will only ever be 10k EtherThings.

Is Ether Things a historical project?

That depends on what you call Historical. EtherThings were created in Apr. 14th 2021 (before BAYC).
The first 10k collections are a diverse mix of NFTs that sit between two of the most influential NFT projects to date: Crypto Punks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.
The thesis is simple. Punks/BAYC and the broader PfP/digital identity trend will grow significantly in the coming years. 99% of people are already priced out of Punks and Apes. As millions of newcomers join our space in the coming years, they will want their own PfP. The earliest PfP collections inspired by Punks and before Apes will be attractive to them for three reasons:
(1) Positioning: They sit between two of the most influential NFT collections.
(2) Scarcity: Compared to the thousands of PfP collections launched in 2021, there are only 8 10k collections between Punks and Apes.
(3) Price: Compared to Punks and BAYC that only 1% of people in our space can buy, these collections are significantly cheaper and are within range for 99% of people in our space.
Overall, the first 10k collections are the earliest relics of one of the most significant trends in the NFT space. The unique combination of positioning, scarcity and price make them solid candidates for capital appreciation over the long term. Not Financial Advice!

Why are there so many traits?

The core driver for creating EtherThings was to make an incredibly diverse and inclusive NFT collection. Therefore, we made the traits as detailed as possible to capture the breadth and depth of human characteristics.

Why are there so many color names?

We selected rich color names to help us express and engage with the full spectrum of human emotion. Our process included picking one of the world's richest curated color name datasets to create the EtherThings artwork. You can check it out here: (https://www.npmjs.com/package/color-name-list). The database is a handpicked list of 29340 unique color names from various sources (https://www.npmjs.com/package/color-name-list#sources-) and thousands of curated user submissions. Then, drawing on the database, we used a random generator tool to select colors for the EtherThings collection. Bottom line: every color name you see in this collection is indeed the true name of the color.

Why isn’t there a gender trait?

There are ongoing debates about gender that divide us more than bring us together in the world we live in. Cultures around the world also have their own vocabulary regarding gender. When we took these two points together, we realized no fixed labels could capture the complexity and nuance of gender in a meaningful way. Identity, diversity, and inclusiveness are core values of the EtherThings Collection. Therefore, every EtherThing can have any gender. It’s up to the viewer to choose.

Why isn’t there a skin color trait?

There are ongoing debates about skin color that divide us more than bring us together in the world we live in. Cultures around the world also have their own vocabulary regarding skin color. When we took these two points together, we realized no fixed labels could capture the complexity and nuance of it in a meaningful way. Identity, diversity, and inclusiveness are core values of the EtherThings Collection. Therefore, every EtherThing can have any skin color. It’s up to the viewer to choose.

Why do EtherThings have names?

The names are a vital part of what makes EtherThings unique and special. To bring as much diversity as possible, we gathered first and last names from different public databases from many different countries. In total, we built a database of 15 million names. Overall, each EtherThing received a randomly picked first and last name from the database with over 15 million possible combinations during the creation process.

How would you describe the EtherThings artwork?

Although we didn’t create our collection with a specific art style in mind, we believe the EtherThings collection can best be described as Expressionist artwork.
Expressionism is an artistic movement originating in Northern Europe around the beginning of the 20th century. It is an artistic style in which the artist seeks to depict not objective reality but rather the subjective emotions and responses that objects and events arouse within a person.
Viewed through an expressionist lens: Everyone can find themselves in the EtherThings collection because the artwork represents not how society sees us but how we see ourselves.

Do I own the IP rights of my EtherThings?

Yes, certainly! Once you have it in your wallet, the IP rights of your EtherThings belong to you.

Where can I find rarity rankings?

So far, no rarity ranking has been defined for EtherThings.

Where can I buy an EtherThing?

You can buy an EtherThing on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/etherthings

Can I buy more than one EtherThings in a single transaction?

We are always updating the 🔥-hottest-bundles channel in Discord. There you will find some hot bundles to buy!


Who is the team behind Ether Things

Our core team is a diverse group of men and women who are all very different and unique. We needed to create something that would match us all!
We have a core group of advisors who help us with strategy and operations.

Discord: @KevForKing
Twitter: @KevForKing
Background: Accomplished marketing professional with demonstrated success in developing strategic approaches to drive business growth and profitability. Historical NFT collector & Podcast host with guest appearances from Curio Cards Founder & Artist, Adam Mcbride, Pixel Maps founder, Aether City founder, & more!

Discord: @Mafico 🐼☂🏎💨
Twitter: @MaficoNFT
Background: Business strategy PhD who draws on psychology to research social enterprises and digital communities. Former co-founder and CEO of an English pronunciation software company focused on the Chinese market. Also former founder and managing director of CYALA - the Council for Young Africans Living Abroad. Experienced keynote speaker and non-executive director across the for-profit, non-profit and government sectors. Historical NFT collector with a focus on assets (mafico.eth)

Discord: @Lambo
Twitter: @I_BUY_NFTs
Background: Archaeologist who rediscovered Dooggies and the earliest 10k NFT collections

What roles do the team have in the Ether Things project?

The team and advisors are responsible for the community engagement, project management, web3 development and marketing.

Have any Influencers been paid to promote this project?

No, so far we haven’t.


What is the contract address?

The EtherThings contract address is 0x4995ff1c49baa6576029b7398479068ba664449c

Why is the contract not verified on EtherScan?

At the time of the contract creation, our team had partnered with the company Cargo Build to code and deploy the contract. Part of the code that was implemented in the contract was closed source because it was the heart of Cargo Build’s intellectual property. Although our contract is mainly a regular ERC-721, it implements EIP-2309 (https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-2309) with the tech from the company.
After some time, Cargo Build was sold, and all the tech inside it . Unfortunately, no information was given as to who acquired the company so it’s very hard for us to try to open source the contract code. We have made several attempts with the old Cargo Build team to find out more about the acquirer, but so far, no luck. We have also tried to verify the contract on EtherScan, but it is a requirement that the code be open source. For this reason, our contract probably will never be verified on EtherScan.
Looking at etherscan you can see that our contract is identical to 8 other projects that Cargo Build developed using its tech to implement EIP-2309: https://etherscan.io/address/0x4995ff1c49baa6576029b7398479068ba664449c#code
We will continue to try and make contact with the Cargo Build team. In the meantime, we have made the contract ABI public https://etherthings.com/data/abi.json

How do we know this project was minted before BAYC?

To confirm the contract creation date, go to: https://etherscan.io/address/0x4995ff1c49baa6576029b7398479068ba664449c
Then click on: Internal Txns. Then, you will see in the 'Age' field how many days ago the contract was created. Hover over the number of days that the contract was created, you will see the exact contract creation data You can also check the contract activity since day 0 (deploy day)

Why can’t I see and track all tokens on EtherScan?

Because our contract implements EIP-2309 and EtherScan still has not implemented this EIP. You can check and track all the tokens on other block explorers such as Ethplorer: https://ethplorer.io/address/0x4995ff1c49baa6576029b7398479068ba664449c#pageSize=100&tab=tab-holders