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10,000 collectible characters, registered and with unique identification on the Ethereum Blockchain. NFTs for sale.

What is an EtherThing?

EtherThing is an NFT (non-fungible token) registered on the Ethereum Blockchain. No EtherThing is the same, but all EtherThings are special! EtherThings were created from a process that involves art and algorithms. This was a limited production. This means that there are only 10,000 of them in our galaxy and they will never be produced again. They all come with a checksum in sha512, which guarantees their integrity here on Earth and also on all other planets that you come to visit.

Start your digital collection of Things

Which EtherThing is more like you and the people in your life in the real world? Which EtherThing is most interesting to you? Search and start your EtherThings collection.



EtherThings have different values. The team of nerds, who developed EtherThings, worked hard to develop an algorithm capable of generating 10,000 unique pieces of pixel art. The team of artists worked hard creating all the aesthetics and composition of each of the elements of an EtherThing. All pieces of art are unique, but there are those that are more special. The price of each EtherThing varies according to the following factors: rarity, composition, visual and elements.


Limited collection of 10,000 EtherThings

EtherThings are exclusive collectibles. There are 10,000 EtherThing on the Ethereum Blockchain and each EtherThing can only belong to a single person. But a single person can have as many EtherThings wants.

How to have an EtherThing?

Easy way for humans:


You will need an Ethereum wallet to store your EtherThing. If you don't already use one, go to this link to become familiar and choose the one you like best.


Now that you have your wallet, just access a marketplace and purchase your EtherThing. Our NFTs are for sale on the main platforms in the world. See below the links to access!

Path for NFT lovers:


EtherThings are listed for sale on Open Sea. Access your account and get yours today!

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How to prove the exclusivity of your EtherThing?

The translation for the acronym NFT is “Token Not Fungible”. An NFT is always linked to a digital asset, such as images, photos, videos, music, gifs. NFTs are widely used by artists around the world, because NFT works as a kind of digital signature, giving authenticity to works of art, among other non-fungible goods.

When an NFT is created, a token pattern will be directly related to it. In this case, EtherThing is an NFT in the ERC721 standard. This means that all EtherThings are under a single Smart Contract, but each EtherThing has its own unique token ID.

To kill the curiosity of nerds

The EtherThings contract can be verified on the Ethereum Blockchain network. And in this contract are registered all the NFTs that make up the exclusive EtherThings collection.
This is usually sufficient for those who wish to verify the authenticity of the NFTs.
But, we know that you can be a super nerd, just like the nerds who developed EtherThings.
And in this case, we know that you have questions and that your questions need: answers and checks and validations and tests and more tests.
So, to make you feel understood in this world, we insert in the metadata of each EtherThing a sha512 checksum (hash) that can be used to verify the integrity of each image.
This means that you can check the integrity of each image associated with the token ID, ensuring proof of authenticity for each of the EtherThings. Isn't it amazing?


Legal Notice

Each EtherThing is associated with a first and last name. These names and surnames, as well as some other characteristics, were selected from publicly available databases, through various processes, including randomization. For this reason, our team did not hold a conference on an individual basis. If you believe that any name, surname or characteristic is being used in a discriminatory manner or is associated with any type of ideology, we ask that you send us an email so that our team can take appropriate action.